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LPW Europe

As part of LPW Europe, we can also offer cleaning with our network of truck wash sites, and we can provide vehicle cleaning products from pressure washers to regular supplies of Traffic Film remover and Screenwash.


Mobile Fleetwash are the leading specialists in providing Onsite Fleet Washing. But did you know that we are also accomplished in PRE-MOT Cleaning, Steam Cleaning, Internal trailer hygiene cleaning, plant cleaning, and building cleaning?

There are many advantages to our mobile cleaning services and at Mobile Fleetwash, we are all about bringing the best to you. That is why we have developed highly effective and efficient methods for conducting the following onsite services:

Internal Vehicle/Trailer Hygiene Cleaning

Internal Trailer CleaningFood transportation regulations are strict and that’s why Mobile Fleetwash helps customers adhere to them by providing onsite internal vehicle/trailer cleaning services, incorporating the use of cleaning detergents with sanitising properties scientifically manufactured specific for food carrying vehicles to large blue chip organisations..


Refuse dig outs

We are able to visit refuse collection vehicle depots to ensure the rear of the vehicles is thoroughly cleaned out. This is important for safety reasons, and has also saved our clients thousands of pounds in mechanical issues caused by the build up of debris in the refuse sections.

PRE-MOT Steam Cleaning

MOT steam cleaningIn the UK all HGV vehicles are subject to yearly inspection by the Ministry of Transportation. It is a requirement that all vehicles be steam-cleaned in order to remove traffic film, grease, and soil – prior to inspection. Mobile Fleetwash, otherwise known as MFW, has a number of specialised vehicles, which can perform hot-water Pre-MOT steam cleaning either on ramps, inspection bays and certain floors depending on ground clearance. Post-washing clean-up is always included.

Building Cleaning

Building cleaning
With the use of safety harnesses and hydraulic platforms, our cleaning specialists come to your location prepared to thoroughly clean walls, floors and exterior cladding as part of regular maintenance routines or in preparation for, or completion of, renovations.



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