Waste Water Containment and Disposal System

Waste Water Containment system

As a company we have always been at the forefront of legislation and as a direct result we developed a unique waste water containment system which allows us to successfully wash vehicles on site’s that have drainage/discharge problems. This system allows us to remove all the waste water/effluent from your site after vehicle washing has taken place for correct disposal at an approved location. This is licensed by the Environment Agency. We also provide our customers with copies of our licence and a site specific ‘waste transfer note’.

Waste Water Containment systemEnvironment agency

Waste Water Disposal

With this Waste Transfer Note, we are allowed to transport the waste water contained within our own vehicle’s designated holding tank. Waste Water is transferred to approved locations where the waste can be disposed of under our Waste Carrier’s licence.

Please let us know if you require a copy of our licence in addition to the waste transfer note for each visit.

If you are interested in our services, consent to discharge is not a barrier with Mobile Fleetwash.

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